My kids like McDonald’s chicken nuggets a lot.  I don’t really let them eat them often because they’re processed and chock-full of chemicals.  This shares with you our homemade version of chicken nuggets.


 2 organic chicken breasts, chopped finely

 1/4 cup pork backfat 

 1/2 tsp Hain organic salt

1/2 tsp Mc Cormick oregano

1/2tsp parsely flakes 

1/4 tsp. pepper

1/4 tsp  paprika

 2 organic egg

 1 cup  rice flour

 gfcf breadcrumbs



 Mix chicken, pork backfat, salt, pepper, oregano, parsely flakes, paprika,  1 organic egg together.

 Line a container with wax paper .  Roll chicken nugget mixture into mini patties and freeze.

 Before cooking, brush patties with egg and roll in rice flour.  Dip again and roll in breadcrumbs if desired.

 Fry.  (make sure that the oil is hot , before frying and don’t overcrowd the pan).


Colds and cough can be irritating.  One of the best ways to help reduce common symptoms of a cold is to gargle with salt water.   I often gargle with salt solution every time my throat feels inflamed. 


According to Dr. Philip Hagen editor in chief of MAYO CLINIC Book for Home Remedies, “ a saline solution can not only draw excess fluid from inflamed tissues in the mouth.”  Dr. Hagen further points out that “ gargling also loosens loose mucus, which can  remove irritants like allergens, bacteria, and fungi from the throat.

A randomized study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in 2005, showed 400 volunteers who were observed for 60 days during the colds and flu season.

Some of the subjects were actually told to gargle salt solution for 3 times day.  Interestingly, the group who gargled regularly  had a 40% decrease in upper respiratory tract infections compared to the control group.  There have been other studies that found that gargling was helpful versus sore throats and congestion.


1 /2 to 1 teaspoon of rock salt  ( or Himalayan pink salt).

8 oz water

Mix until the rock crystals are melted.

Gargle solution and spit out after a few seconds.

Recommendations: Gargle regularly for best results.  


I went downtown today on a fruit buying binge and came across sweet pomelos and green ponkan oranges.

The Pomelo is a citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia.  In the Philippines, the most famous pomelos comes from Davao.  Pomelos come in various sizes, the best way to tell if the pomelo is sweet is to check out the rind of the fruit.  Davao pomelos usually have thinner rinds and taste like a  sweet mild grapefruit.

They are great to snack on because they contain a lot of fiber, and have 0% fat.  They contain around 41 mg of vitamin C per 100g.  


Green ponkan or green mandarin oranges are imported usually from Taiwan.  They have around 0.1 % of fat.  They are rich in vitamin C, B1, A and folate.  To get the most out of your ponkan, avoid exposing the orange to heat as this destroys the vitamin C.

I was happy to find out that green ponkan is juicier than the typical oranges I buy for my kids.  I was actually able to get 5 kilos of ponkan at around Php 50.00 per kilo.  A good buy compared to the oranges being sold around the Manila area for around 5 for 100 php.



1 Pomelo

3 green ponkan oranges  

Juice  pomelo and green ponkan oranges together.  Serve immediately within 30 minutes of juicing to retain freshness.

* You can chill the green ponkan oranges in the refrigerator prior to juicing.




My 5 year old daughter called up the other day and asked me what I was doing. I said I was having therapy with little C. 

My daughter surprised me by asking to talk to C. My daughter ended up talking to C’s dad who was happy to entertain her since C. was busy having therapy. 

These are the times that I am appreciative of how open and loving young children can be. My little girl never even realized that C. is non verbal. She would even hug C. at times and C. would hug her back.

How I wish that more children would be more accepting of children with special needs.


M3: Mommy, why don’t you give me something old?

Me: You want something old?

M3: Yes

Me: Okay I ‘ll give you something old

M3: Really? What?

Me: Come here. I’ll have to whisper it to you. 

M3 : What?

Me: I’ll give you Grandpa.

M3 starts laughing.

Renewing your passport is so easy now.  Ever since the Department of Foreign Affairs implemented online registration at for appointments and passing applications, it has made life easier for people like me.



You can register online either by yourself or as a family. But if you are in a hurry to get your passport renewed like I was, try calling the 7371000 number to set an appointment.  

You can actually choose your location whether you would like to have your passport renewed in Megamall, Galleria, SM Manila or in the DFA Main Office.  The operator I talked to was nice enough to give me a choice of the earliest dates possible along with locations.

If you have your data encoded and printed out, please make sure to listen to the spelling of the encoder and double check the data link that they will ask you to print out.  Oh and don’t forget to printout all 3 pages of your application including the cover page.  The cover page is important, it is the first page that the security guard at the DFA checks in order to make sure that you do have an appointment. Only seniors are allowed to go in without an appointment.

Please make sure to go through the website carefully and read about IDs and other requirements.  Don’t forget to bring the requirements and xerox copies of the requirements so you get your documents processed at once.  There is no need to bring an pictures as you have your picture taken there.  Please don’t wear contact lenses as well.

On the day of your appointment,  you need to be at the DFA 30 minutes before the appointed time. 

In my case, my printout was riddled with errors. I couldn’t believe that the encoder spelled ” gmail” as “gamil”.  I had to bring liquid paper to the DFA and ask permission from the officer to erase the spelling.  Oh and by the way, never sign your application in advance.  The DFA application print out must be signed in front of the officer.

I went with M1 and M3.  I was amazed at how courteous the guards were when I went up to them to ask about my appointment and that I had little kids with me 10 and 5.  Yayas by the way are not allowed inside. The guard allowed me to go in earlier than the appointed time.  I consider myself lucky.  

DFA Aseana is not  a comfortable place to wait.  If you don’t have anyone who is a minor, or a senior or someone with some form of disability, you get to line up outside the gate along the street near S n R in the scorching hot sun.

I was glad I decided to renew all our passports together and because I had my kids along with me. The guards let me through and even let me go through the courtesy lane on the 2nd floor which meant that I would have to pay a higher rate for the passport processing.around Php 1200 per passport instead of the regular Php 700 per passport. 

If you are a Filipino, the passport process shouldn’t take you more than 30 to 40 minutes.  If you are a Senior Citizen, the processing is even faster, it took my father-in-law  less than 30 minutes to finish renewing his passport in Megamall. If you have a foreign sounding name, the entire process can take you as long as  1 1/2 hours since each and every person is interviewed by an officer.

It would’ve even been a lot faster if he had remembered to xerox his requirements.  He ended up xeroxing his requirements at 3 pesos per age just to comply with the requirements.

For me, they only asked for my NSO and xerox of marriage certificate.  For my kids, a copy of the NSO, marriage certificate, and my kids’ school ID. The Notarized Authorization wasn’t even needed ( you only need it if someone else aside from the parents is taking the child out of the country).

The people at the DFA are very professional, cheerful and courteous.  This is one of the few government offices that I am very satisfied with and amazed with the speed of service.  

I opted to pay an additional Php 120.00 per passport and had it sent via LBC to my house. I’m supposed to get my passport in 12 days. Just make sure to  keep the receipt and have someone present it once the passports are delivered.







Kids were playing Apples to Apples Jr today to pass the time.

I couldn’t help laughing when my husband and I overheard the kids arguing about who was

hairiest .

So who is hairiest ?

8 year old boy M2: Winnie the Pooh!

6 year old little Uncle J: The Little Mermaid !

5 year old girl M3: My Dad!

 M3 won that round because Dad heartily agreed that he was the hairiest since

Winnie the Pooh didn’t have hair.